Timeline of Development

First oil palm plantings at Thai Oil Palm Industry Co., Ltd (TOPI Estate) In Plaipraya District of Krabi Province, pioneered by Mr Chean Vanich


First palm oil factory opened at TOPI with an initial processing capacity of 10 tonnes fruit per hour


Expanded plantings at nearby Hup Huat Palm Oil Co.,Ltd, pioneered by Mr Chean Vanich


Second palm oil factory was commissioned by Siam Palm Oil Co.,Ltd in Aoluk District with initial capacity of 10 tonnes fruit per hour


Joint Venture of the three pioneer companies with Unilever Plantations Group from UK To form the Univanich Group under the Chairmanship of Mr Akapojana Vanich


Univanich joined the international Combined Breeding Programme (CBP) to exchange pedigree oil palm seeds with leading overseas Research Centres


Univanich Oil Palm Research Centre 1991 (OPRC) was constructed to enable advanced Agronomy and Breeding trials, and for farmer training


Replanting commenced at TOPI with a new generation of palms


Legal Amalgamation of the three joint venture companies to become Univanich Palm Oil Co., Ltd. With a Combined planted area of 38,088 rai (6,094 hectares) and two factories


Expansion of the two Univanich factories at TOPI and Siam Palm to create crushing capacity of 30 tonnes fruit per hour at each


Unilever’s withdrawal from Agribusiness 1998 with sale of its 51% Univanich shares to the Thai joint venture partners led by Mr Apirag Vanich


Commissioning of the Akapojana Oil Palm Nursery in Plaipraya to produce 1.0 million seedlings annually for local oil palm farmers


Expansion of the TOPI factory to 60 tonnes fruit per hour crushing capacity, combined with a new palm kernel crushing plant of 75 tonnes kernels per day


Public listing of Univanich Palm Oil PCL on the Stock Exchange of Thailand under the abbreviation UVAN New records Univanich factory processed 507,000 tonnes of fruit and produced 102,000 tonnes of palm oil


Third Univanich factory constructed at Lamthap, with processing capacity of 45 tonnes fruit per hour


Second Univanich Palm Kernel Crushing plant commissioned at Lamthap with capacity of 75 tonnes PK per day By 2005, the three Univanich factories have a combined processing capacity of 105 tonnes fresh fruit bunches (FFB/ hour) and 150 tonnes of Palm Kernels (PK/ day)


Thailand’s first Tissue Culture Laboratory established at the Univanich Oil Palm Research Centre for research into cloning elite palms from the company’s breeding programme


Three pioneering Biogas Power Projects constructed at the company’s factories to generate approximately 6 Megawatts of renewable electricity for sale to the national grid. Also to generate Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) of approximately 100,000 tonnes carbon equivalent annually. 2

2008 - 2009

National Award Univanich received the Stock Exchange of Thailand Award for the Best Performance from a mid-cap company


Pioneering palm oil exports Univanich exports 151,000 tonnes of palm oil to Europe and Asia


Acquisition of 2,000 rai new site in Nakhon Sri Thammarat. Establishment of the Cha Uat nursery to provide annually up to 1.0 million oil palm seedlings to farmers in that region of southern Thailand


National Recognition 2009 Univanich ranked in Thailand’s Top Ten companies for shareholder returns, based on five-years performance 2003 – 2008, In Bangkok Post Scorecard


Expansion of Tissue Culture Laboratory To scale-up production of oil palm clones following the success of the OPRC tissue culture research since 2006.


United Nations Gold Standard 2011 Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) Issued to Univanich factories for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. First palm oil company in Asia to receive this standard of CERs.


Major expansion of the Siam factory to 45 tonnes FFB / hour using new vertical sterilizer technology to improve energy efficiency and reduce the volume of waste water.


Record sales of renewable electricity Univanich biogas power plants generated more than 34 million kwh and sold a record Baht 80 million electricity to the PEA grid


International Award The Univanich – Plaipraya Community Enterprise Group became the World’s first group of independent smallholders to be certified as RSPO Sustainable Growers.


Expansion into Philippines Univanich Carmen Palm Oil Corporation began construction of the first palm oil crushing mill in North Cotabato Province of Mindanao


First exports of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO)from Univanich port at Laemphong to Hamburg, Germany


International Recognition Univanich selected to present a lead paper to 2,000 delegates at the International Palm Oil Congress in Malaysia. The paper analysed 16 year of research into new planting densities and innovative replanting techniques developed by the Univanich OPRC in Thailand


Sale of 203,000 Gold Standard Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) from the Univanich biogas power projects. Equivalent to more than 200,000 tonnes reduced carbon emissions under the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism(CDM)


Award : Palm Oil Plantation Company of the year at 2014 Thailand Excellence Awards


Completion of the new JV Carmen Palm Oil Corporation factory in Mindanao, Philippines with 30 tonnes FFB/hour Capacity


Purchase of new factory site of 401 rai for a factory and oil palm nursery to be built at Pabon in Phatthalung Province of southern Thailand


Purchase of new port site for bulking tank installation (Tank Farm) at the Laemphong deep-water port in Krabi


New oil palm nursery and farmer training centre commissioned at the Pabon site in Phatthalung.


International Recognition for Sustainability At the global congress of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) held for the first time in Thailand, Univanich showcased the company’s Four Pillars of Sustainable Palm Oil to more than 800 international delegates and Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister


Million tonne milestone Univanich Thailand factories processed 1,075,000 tonnes of fruit and produced 204,000 tones of palm oil


Excellence Award Palm Oil Plantation Company of the year at the annual Thailand Excellence Awards.


Acquisition of the Chok Vallapha Palm Oil Co., Ltd’s palm oil factory in Phang Nga Province With crushing capacity of 60 tonnes FFB/hour. This fourth factory has been renamed Univanich CVP Factory


Construction of the fifth Univanich Palm oil factory at the new Pabon site in Phatthalung Province. With initial crushing capacity of 30 tonnes FFB/ hour this has been named the Univanich Pabon Factory.


Expansion of Electricity generation from Biogas The company can now generate 7.66 Megawatts of renewable electricity from biogas at three sites, plus another 2.8 Megawatts Joint-venture generation at the Univanich CVP factory


Development of the fifth Univanich Oil Palm nursery at Bang Wan District of Phang Nga Province to supply farmers in that region


Major expansion of Kernel crushing capacity at both Topi and Lamthap factories Completion of the Port Bulking or ‘Tank Farm’ installation at Laemphong Port in Krabi This initial phase has shore tanks of 8,000 tonnes and pipelines for rapid loading of large export vessels.


Expansion of Univanich Carmen factory in Philippines From 30 tonnes to 60 tonnes FFB/hour

By 2020 the six Univanich factories in Thailand and Philippines have a combined fruit crushing capacity of 300 tonnes FFB/hour and a palm kernel crushing capacity of 345 tonnes PK/ day.

Latest Record : In 2021, Univanich factories In Thailand and Philippines processed 1.3 million tonnes of fruit bunches to produce 260,044 tonnes of crude palm oils